Storage pricing

12 months
max. 4 times pick up and drop off each month
€ 175,00monthly
Car storage during winter. One time drop off and pick up. (Waiting list)€ 350,00
for 3 months
Car storage for 1 month€ 225,00
Car storage for 1 week€ 120,00

Car Cleaning & Polishing Service

Carwash€ 24,50
Exterior (hand wash)€ 37,50
Interior€ 37,50
Interior & Exterior€ 75,00
Showroom condition polishfrom € 250,00

Other Services

Winter tires storage€ 79,50 for 1 season
Trickle charger € 135,-
Car serviceupon request
Road Ready Check€ 24,50 excl. materials
APK€ 110,- petrol / € 130,- diesel
(excl. necessary repairs)

Terms and conditions

Payement of parking place one month ahead
Billing services per month afterwards.
Payment period 7 days
All prices are subject to change.
All mentioned rates are excl. 21% VAT.
On all our services apply to our terms and conditions.