carstorage THE HAGUE

There may be all sorts of reasons why you are looking for a car rental in The Hague. You will go abroad for a while or want to enjoy a long holiday, or you only drive in your luxury car in the summer. Whatever the reason, Carstorage & Go is a great solution if you are looking for a car rental in The Hague. Your car is safe and dry in the covered car parking, and you can enjoy a range of services if you opt for Carstorage & Go. The car storage is especially suitable for cars from the luxury segment.

Car storage summer and winter

Stowing your car at Carstorage & Go in The Hague has many advantages:

  • a dry and safe place for your precious car
  • car storage for both longer and short periods
    your car always available for use
  • 24/7 security
  • spacious places
  • constant air temperature
  • good accessibility
  • extra services

The extra services of Carstorage & Go consist of keeping your car in good condition. Do not want to find your car with empty battery? With the help of a battery charger we ensure that your car is ready for use at any time. A bucket under each car ensures that oil leakage does not lead to problems and a cover protects your car.

Car storage in The Hague with 24/7 security

Your luxury car can be stored in a secure way at Carstorage & Go in both winter and summer. We keep an eye on your car 24/7 and you can also rent a spacious space for longer periods. Car storage Carstorage & Go in The Hague is easily accessible from the A4, A12 and A13.

We also have space for exclusive cars such as sports cars and old-timers. For more information about all possibilities and pricing, feel free to contact us.

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